BLUEY is a new conceptual brand that is inspired and derived from indigo blue, blue ocean, blue skies and blue...
RE-DESIGNING the American casual clothing, which is omnipresent and the world over is collectively fascinated by American casual workwear, military wear, sportswear and prepster aesthetic.
CONFORMITY of various American casual clothing and the functionalities untouched, we have implemented and refined the design by incorporating trendy materials with traditional manufacturing methods.


TERRA TEX is truly wind proof moisture permeability micro-fabric membrane.Textile or heat insulation by itself cannot provide maximum warm comfort.
ENGINEERED with the multiple layering construction methods with TERRA TEX and heat insulation - maximizing warm comfort, blocks harsh wind and optimize breathability to endure sweat to evaporate easily.
Such methods are similarly applied in heavy mountain outerwear and motorcycle riders in wintry conditions.
MULTI-LAYER construction methods insulated, 2-Layer, 3-Layer. This construction method is combined with heat insulation to endure warm comfort and light weight products.